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Potassium Formate For De-Icing

Product: Potassium Formate

HS Code: 29151200

Molecular Formula: HCOOK


Liquid product is colorless and transparent, specific weight of saturated soluation is 1.58g/cm3. Solid product is white crystalline powder, strong moisture-absorbing performance, reducing, density 1.9100g/cm3, easily soluble in water, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Technical standard:

Item Industrial
Appearance White Flakes               Colorles Clear Liquid  
Assay%96% Min 74% Min
Water% 1.5% Max ----
K2CO3% 1.5% Max 1.5% Max
KCl% 0.5%Max 0.5%Max
KOH 0.5% Max0.5% Max
Specific Gravity(g/cm3)----1.57


1. Widely used in completion fluid in oil field.

2. In leather industry.

3. As redusing agent in printing &dyeing industry.

4. As coagulator in cement, or used in the manufacture of carbon black.


1. Solid: Plastic woven bag of 25kgs/1000kgs net each.

2. Liquid:200L plactic drums, IBC tanks of 1570kgs net each.

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